Our Mission

Artist Madrid Books’ mission is to provides inspirational and quality books for young ones that promote diversity. In addition, it offers hybrid publishing services to assist with increasing the amount of diverse voices in children’s literature.

Our Founder


Caitlyn Jones is the award-winning author of the children’s book Some Days, an indie publisher and mom. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, two year old daughter and rescue pup Maggie.

Caitlyn is a Columbia, SC native and a graduate of Richland County School District One. After high school she built a career as a nationally certified optician and contact lens technician. Caitlyn studied Mandarin Chinese as a part of a Christian Outreach Program which gave her the opportunity to complete missionary trips to San Francisco, New York, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Belize.

The birth of her daughter in the Spring of 2020 inspired her to pursue her dream career of becoming a published author. She then launched her own publishing company Artist Madrid Books, in 2021, with the goal to help other aspiring authors accomplish their publishing goals. As to date, Artist Madrid Books has published five books with several more coming soon.

Caitlyn loves spending time in nature with her husband, daughter, family, and friends. When not busy navigating motherhood, being a small business owner and student, she enjoys exploring her creative talents.

The inspiration for the book, Some Days, came from Caitlyn’s personal experiences and the birth of her baby girl. Even though she has been an avid writer most of her life, this is Caitlyn’s first published work. Most recently it received the 2022 Children’s Book Expo ICMe Award in Atlanta, Georgia.

Upcoming Events

September 17 & 18 – 2022 Fall Arts and Crafts Market

October 15 – AMB’s Self-Publishing Seminar

November 5 – Relentless Book Fair

Past Events

  • 2022 Coast to Coast Children’s Book Expo (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Black Children’s Book Week 2022-Southeastern Virtual Author Talks & Book Reading
  • On Brighter Days In-Person Launch Party
  • Toronto International Festival of Authors 2021

Attended Trainings

  • Canva Create with Design School Conference 2021
  • Children’s Book Mastery Summit (2021 & 2022)
  • Toronto International Festival of Authors 2021