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An inspiring advocacy story written and illustrated by students around the world, dedicated to Syrian children and their families.

“Meet Aidan and Tariq, two young soccer enthusiasts, growing up on opposite sides of the world. One fall, Tariq and his family attempt to escape the civil war in Aleppo, Syria, and television images of children fleeing the violence deeply trouble Aidan. While Tariq’s family makes the brave and difficult journey to Amman, Jordan, Aidan considers how he and his classmates might respond. As Tariq dreams of playing soccer and being reunited with his family, Aidan explores a meaningful journey of friendship. Together, they bridge the distance between them.”


Book Mission:

Dear Tariq is an inspired grassroots children’s advocacy story written and illustrated by a team of international students to help raise awareness, empathy and compassion around the Syrian refugee crisis. A portion of the proceeds from “Dear Tariq” will go to Sirin Hamada, a young Syrian refugee who began illustrating this creative project at just ten years old, in addition to other Syrian families. Dear Tariq’s creative team hopes that this poignant advocacy story will create a lasting ripple effect that fosters collective kindness, dignity, community, and action!



$19.99 USD

Paperback, 7 inches x 10 inches

ISBN: 979-8987190807



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Hardback, 7 inches x 10 inches

ISBN: 979-8-9871908-2-1


The Creative Team:

Selena Morse- Co-Author

High school graduate and changemaker Selena Morse cares deeply about the environment and humanitarian rights. She hopes the narrative journeys in her first book “Dear Tariq” will continue to inspire empathy, understanding, and positive social impact throughout our world.


Geo Chen- Co-Author

High school graduate and changemaker Geo Chen fuses his long-time passions of storytelling, advocacy, and artistry. In helping to textually and visually capture Aidan and Tariq’s perspectives, Geo hopes readers will see the Syrian refugee crisis as a collection of human stories and thus, an invitation to compassionately respond. 

Sirin Hamada- Illustrator

Twelve-year-old changemaker Sirine is excited to share her illustrations with the world through her first picture book “Dear Tariq.” She hopes that in capturing Tariq’s authentic perspective, many children and families affected by war will be inspired to share their own stories of healing and resilience. 


Allison Dai- Illustrator

High school graduate and changemaker Allison Dai brings many characters to life through her inked panels and texturization in “Dear Tariq”. She hopes the collaboration of this creative project helps readers to visualize refugees as human beings, deserving of dignity, compassion, and love.


Shahd Abu Gharbieh Translator

High school graduate Shahd’s deep interest in advocacy and social change motivated her to pursue translation and interact with refugees in her community. She hopes that this project will connect readers from around the world regardless of cultural differences.



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