Kyndell and The Golden Ticket

This children’s book that teaches children to rise above challenges, promotes confidence, and teaches positive affirmations.

Kyndell is the inspiration for this book
The Story

Kyndell and The Golden Ticket is a heartwarming story of a young girl that faces challenges, and she feels defeated. She learns that falling down is okay, but what is important is rising again. This book has several “warm centers” that are dear to my heart. 

Check out a few “warm centers” below:

  • Builds confidence- This book teaches children “The Golden Ticket” to life, which is to never give up. Also, there are positive affirmations throughout the book.
  • Learning tool- Children will learn key points from the repetitive text.
  • Promotes family- Kyndell learns this valuable lesson from her loving family. Also, this book highlights the beautiful relationship between a father and his daughters.
  • Interactive activity page– This page can be placed in a child’s room for a constant reminder to never give up and follow their dreams. 
eBook copy of Kyndell and the Golden Ticket – $5
Paperback copy of Kyndell and the Golden Ticket – $15
Signed paperback copy of book and a Limited edition T-shirt – $30
Signed paperback copy, limited edition T-shirt and Canvas bag – $40
Two paperback copies, Two canvas bags and a Virtual author visit – $150
Meet the Author

Kaniecha Everett is a southern lady who enjoys writing and journaling. She loves spending time with her family and her German Shepherd, Chloe! She believes that if you set a goal for yourself and have faith, it will happen. 

Kaniecha Everett & her daughter Kyndell
The Illustrator Latosha Haith
The Illustrator Latosha Haith

Latosha Haith lives in Augusta, GA but was born and raised on Long Island, NY. She was raised in the Baptist church and her faith is strong. She does Everything through Christ who has healed her physically and in strength. She realized from eight years old that she enjoyed drawing and now, can’t imagine her life without it. She has illustrated children’s books and coloring activity books and enjoys what she does dearly, keeping God, her mother, family and friends close to her.