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A Day With Mom

A Day With Mom

The Story

A Day with Mom is about Julia, a precocious 7-year-old girl, who loves spending time with her mom. During their day together, they have Julia's favorite breakfast, explore a book fair, and shop at the mall. Along the way, they experience a few surprises that neither of them was expecting. Join Julia and her mom as they find joy in the simplicity of daily life. 


A Day with Mom hopes to showcase the beauty of spending quality time and making memories. When shopping for diverse children's books, Sydney struggled to find one that showed everyday life. The events in the story are loosely based on the experience and memories that the authors have created over the years. In their debut book, Sydney and Pearl wanted to showcase how enjoying the simplicity of daily living can create opportunities to bond as a family. This mother daughter duo pulled from their own experiences and memories. This book is intended for ages 3 and up. 

The Authors

Pearl Bassard is a certified public accountant and world traveler. Now retired, she worked for many years in private industry and the federal government. Pearl enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling.  She especially enjoys being a mom to her two children, Sydney and Andrew.

Sydney Bassard is a Charlotte-based speech-language pathologist with a passion for storytelling. She has always enjoyed children’s books that feature diverse characters. Sydney loves adventures (or shenanigans) with her mom and brother. She is the creator of The Listening SLP on social media, which serves as a place to listen, learn, and advocate with parents and professionals. You can visit her online at

Book Reviews

Praise for
A Day With Mom

"Sydney and Pearl beautifully capture the shared experiences of the everyday Black family, including the nostalgia of getting your hair done by your mother on a Saturday morning, and the simple joys of going to a book fair and going shopping. Julia is so many of us."

- Joanne W. Cazeau of Koze Speech Therapy


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