Don’t Stop Dreaming, Abby

Milena Nemecio

Milena Nemecio lives in San Antonio, Texas with her family. She is fluent in five languages, and loves books and art. Growing up she struggled with concentrating, making friends, and doing simple every day tasks. She later found out she had ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). She sees it now as her superpower. ADHD gives her inspiration and wants to help other children use their ADHD to find success in their lives.

Abby is a sweet little girl with big dreams. She faces challenges in school and has trouble making friends. Abby feels lonely and thinks something is wrong with her. No one, not even her family, seems to understand her or see that Abby is struggling with something unknown. A kind and patient teacher observes Abby and figures out what the trouble is. With her teacher’s help, Abby overcomes her problem without having to stop dreaming.

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